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Buying a Residential Property

Let the Marge Pawlak Team help you prepare to purchase either a regular residential property, an REO, or a short sale property. REO and short sales each have very specific requirements for you as a buyer. Banks and asset management companies want buyers who can afford their properties. We can help you pre-qualify.

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Ready to Buy

Lenders expect that a pre-qualification letter will be sent with each offer that is presented. Without this letter, your offer will not be accepted, and you could miss out on getting the property you wanted to purchase.

Be sure your lender knows the condition of the property to determine the type of financing to use. You must also be sure that the condition of the property matches the type of financing you want. If a home has leaking pipes or peeling paint, you will not be able to use some types of home purchase financing.

We'll explain the process of buying a residential property from the time that you start looking to the final closing. REO and short sales each have very specific rules that must be followed for your offer to be accepted.
Know where to find properties that are within your price range. Experienced agents have the best source for finding you your next home. We will help you do your homework to understand the value of the property that you want to purchase. Ask about comparable properties to understand the differences between them for the value.

Priced Right

Know that REO and short sales are already priced right. The sellers take into consideration all of the repairs that the property needs. Properties are sold "As-Is/Where-Is." After an inspection, you can determine if you want to proceed to purchase the property. We'll help you determine how to proceed once you know the condition of the property.

Buying a Residential Property

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We'll work together once your offer has been accepted. You will have a specific period to have your full approval completed to close on time.